Over 20 organizations and experts have signed an official declaration and the CMCTF website and social media pages have been launched to help foster this collaborative effort and connect community members with the various COVID-19 pandemic-related initiatives.


A large number of community organizations are already working together across the country to provide food and supplies relief packs for vulnerable and at-risk groups during this state of emergency. Financial support for individuals and institutions, mental health, housing and children’s education are a few of the community needs that have already been identified and where collaborative work has begun. Religious leaders are constantly working with medical experts to provide guidance regarding necessary adjustments to funeral practices and burials, while preparing for the realistic possibility of a different month of Ramadan during such extraordinary circumstances.


The Muslim physician community has already kickstarted various public education, advocacy and advisory, knowledge-creation and sharing, peer support and medical equipment initiatives.

The Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force invites passionate and committed community organizations and individuals from coast to coast to join them in this fight.