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Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic (Al-Waba'), Canadian Muslims can learn historical examples of Muslim individuals/societies who embraced public health interventions - to respond to epidemics/pandemics throughout history (eg. vaccines, quarantines, and lockdowns), or in general embracing public health practises - (like sanitation, developing and seeking medical treatments to infectious diseases). This functions as a form of health communication to encourage vaccination uptake and following public health guidelines amongst Muslims across Canada. Some members of our community may see public health interventions like lockdowns and vaccines as "foreign/Western" concepts and thus remain skeptical or even against them completely. Our intention is to show that these aspects of public health aren't unusual/strange to our ummah and are very much part of our heritage and history.
Acknowledging and celebrating the historical efforts of Muslims tackling various public health issues, and their contribution to the legacy of public health/Islamic history, will encourage Muslims to embrace the benefits and positive infectious disease outcomes that the aforementioned public health interventions provide.

Public Health Snapshots: An Info Series

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