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The medical arm of the task force includes Canadian Muslim physicians from coast to coast that work at the frontlines and who have kickstarted various public education, advocacy, knowledge-creation and sharing, peer support and medical equipment initiatives. The Muslim Medical Association of Canada (MMAC) and other independent medical and scientific experts also provide medical advisory and guidance to the other arms and liaise with public health bodies to ensure a coordinated effort towards containing the COVID-19 pandemic.

​MMAC Member Initiatives and Activities

  1. Front line healthcare workers actively caring for patients

  2. Actively engaging 500+ physician members and facilitating timely discussions as the situation rapidly evolves via our networks

  3. Statements: Suspension of Congregational Prayers – in collaboration with CCI, UMO-OG

  4. Guidance document: Infection Control for Funerals & Burial Practices – in collaboration with CCI

  5. Petition: Advocacy for Ventilator Capacity and Development and PPE production

  6. COVID Infohub for healthcare professionals and community members

  7. Petition: Advocacy for US border closure

  8. Guidance document: Infection Control guidelines for volunteers with Canadian Muslim Relief Network and UMO-OG

  9. MMAC Physicians Supporting Physicians Group (MPSP)

  10. Muslim Community Health Education & Literacy Project (MCHELP)

  11. Petition: Advocacy for restricting all public and private gatherings except from same household

  12. Virtual Refresher Courses for Residents and Physicians (GIM, ICU, ER)

  13. Community Video Webinars with Q&A sessions

  14. National and international media (Online, Television, Print) contributions regarding COVID-19

  15. The founding organization of the Canadian Muslim COVID-19 Task Force (CMCTF)

  16. ECMO National Collaboration on COVID-19

  17. Community Education Infosheets

  18. Creation of a nation-wide Masjid and Musallah Directory

  19. Petition: Revision of COVID-19 Testing Criteria

  20. COVID precautions for children and youth with disabilities and their families – in partnership with SMILE Canada

  21. Palliative Care guidance regarding patients with COVID-19

  22. Committee established for document translation

  23. Crowdsourcing through local suppliers to purchase PPE for clinical settings and Masjids

  24. Contact Tracing App for COVID patients

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