• The vaccines are being distributed on a priority basis in order to protect those most at risk, based on ethical and equitable principles as laid out by guideline committees and task forces.

  • You will not miss your chance to get the vaccine when a new phase of your region’s vaccination roll out starts. Once you become eligible, you are always eligible.

  • The COVID-19 vaccine is free and is not mandatory, but is strongly recommended for all eligible persons unless there are specific (limited) medical reasons. If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to your healthcare provider.

  • The best COVID-19 vaccine to get is the first one that is available to you.

  • The AstraZeneca, Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna vaccines require two doses, several weeks apart. Remember when your second dose is due and make sure you receive it.

  • Keep your proof of immunization safe.

  • Even if you have received the COVID-19 vaccine, the latest public health recommendations remain in place and still apply to everyone.

  • While everyone else is getting vaccinated, we must continue to stay 2 metres apart, wear a mask, wash our hands, quarantine if we have a significant exposure to someone with COVID-19 and isolate if we have symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.


While there may be slight differences between different COVID-19 vaccination clinics, regions and provinces, generally speaking the vaccination process and steps will include:

  1. REGISTER - Pre-register or register for your vaccination appointment(s). Have your health card or government issued ID and contact information (telephone number and/or email address) handy.

  2. ATTEND - Attend your vaccination appointment(s) with your booking confirmation, proof of eligibility (if required) and identification documents, at your scheduled date(s) and time(s).

  3. SCREENING - You will be screened to make sure you are feeling well with no significant symptoms and you may have to answer questions about your medical history. This is to ensure that it is safe for you to receive your vaccine as scheduled.

  4. VACCINATION - You will receive the vaccine in your outer upper arm below your shoulder, so please make sure you wear loose clothing and dress accordingly.

  5. MONITORING - You will have to wait for 15 minutes after your vaccination to make sure you do not have an immediate allergic reaction or response to the vaccine.

  6. DOCUMENTATION - You will receive an information sheet regarding the COVID-19 vaccine you received and confirmation of your vaccination either as a physical printout and/or via email. Please keep this information safe for your records and future reference.

  7. REPEAT - If your vaccine requires two doses, please remember to attend the appointment for your second vaccination dose.


Updated April 5, 2021

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