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COVID-19 Vaccine Symposium_ An Open Foru


Dr. Joel Schindel 

Family Physician

Dr. Joel (Omar) Schindel was born and raised in Saskatoon SK to a Somali father and Canadian mother

Dr. Schindel started his journey to Islam and learning about his Somali heritage at the age of 15. Dr.Schindel currently serves as a Muslim Chaplain at the UofS and works with NYMiNK organizing dawah efforts across Canada.

He completed his B.Sc. and M.D. at the University of Saskatchewan and practices as a family physician specializing in Indigenous Health, Psychiatry, and rural emergency and both Alberta and Saskatchewan. 

Dr. Schindel is also a faculty member in the Department of Academic Family Medicine at the University of Saskatchewan's College of Medicine. 

Dr. Ikramuddin Syed

Family Physician

Dr. Ikramuddin Syed grew up in Thorncliffe Park in the East York area. He currently practices Medicine through his Pulse Urgent Care Centers.


From his early years Dr. Syed was involved in community outreach while trying to enhance social services.  He has travelled around the globe on various medical relief missions helping those in need.

While being heavily involved with International efforts, he has also maintained a keen involvement in local causes. Establishing a medical network providing services for incoming refugees, aiding with settlement programs and creating a program to provide essential family needs for all incoming refugees into Ontario.


He has also been instrumental in establishing one of the first culturally/religiously relevant mental health center in the GTA and continues to be on the Board of Directors of Third Pillar.

Dr. Reem Elsobky

Department of General Internal Medicine 

Unity Health Toronto  (St Joseph )

Lecturer University of Toronto

Dr. Hassan Masri
Intensive Care Physician

To be added

Dr. Refaat Mohamed
Co-Chair CMCTF, President CCI

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