We need your help! We are openly calling for short videos from Canadian Muslims of all different ages and backgrounds, in as many different languages as possible, to share how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their life.  This is your opportunity to share your voice with other Canadians!

Examples of things you may record and share include:

  • If you or a family member got COVID-19, how it affected your lives

  • If you are a frontline healthcare worker or an essential worker, what your experiences have been like

  • How the pandemic restrictions have affected your life, your mental health, your family, your education, your work or your business

  • Correcting misconceptions or discussing issues that you have come across

  • If you have gotten tested for COVID-19 and how the experience was for you

  • You receiving the COVID-19 vaccine, your thoughts and experiences about it

  • What has become more difficult or challenging for you during this time?

  • How have you made things easier for yourself, and do you have any tips that others may find useful or helpful

Please review guidelines for video submissions below before submitting your video.

  1. Create a video of maximum 30 seconds long.

  2. Record video in 16:9 aspect ratio. 

  3. Save video in .mp4 format for best results.

  4. Good full front light is ideal to ensure even lighting across the face.  If you have a O-Ring light, even better.

  5. Don't forget to look directly at the camera.

  6. Talk naturally and be yourself.